• We Promote and Publish Provincetown Authors

Our Mission

Regional works and stories that don’t fit neatly into specific genres have become increasingly difficult to publish via the major houses. Our mission is to offer an alternative outlet for those authors who meet our editorial criteria by offering the following services:

  • Editorial Assistance
  • Graphic Design Services including Cover Design and Interior Layout.
  • Market Research, including Pricing, as well as Category and Keyword Assignments
  • Print and eBook Formatting and Uploads
  • Setup and Configuration of Print Books for Multiple Distribution Channels, including Independent Bookstores, IndieBound, Barnes & Noble Online
  • Setup and Configuration of eBooks for Multiple Distribution Channeles including Kindle, Apple Books, and Kobo.

In addition to publishing selected authors, we collaborate to promote the works of regional writers.  The notion being, as JFK once said, “A rising tide floats all boats.” Those who love the Outer Cape now have a resource to learn more about the phenomenal writers who call the area home.  Our promotional efforts include author’s events and book launches on this site and social media, as well as selected advertising outlets for specific releases.

HomePort Press is proud to be a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association. We offer two pricing options for publication:

  • Percentage of royalties for selected manuscripts.
  • Up-front, time and materials charge with a small administrative fee.

We are a small shop without the resources to review unsolicited manuscripts in a timely manner, so please visit our submission guidelines before sending your query.

We look forward to helping you share your story.


Arthur L. Mahoney,
Publisher, HomePort Press

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