The Distance Between Us

By A. C. Burch

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Beloved female impersonator Helena Handbasket seems to have it all—a loving husband, inherited millions, and a promising career.

Then the suspicious death of an elderly widow sends shock waves through the seaside resort of Provincetown. Wrongly accused of the murder, Helena goes undercover to track down those responsible.

Aided by her chosen family, she uses her comic genius and extraordinary talent for impersonation to navigate a maze of deception and greed that includes a museum break-in, thefts of iconic artwork, and some shady liaisons.

As the investigation gains momentum, the past increasingly influences the present, exposing hidden secrets and imperiling Helena’s well-heeled existence.

The Distance Between Us is a testament to love, resilience, and a chosen family’s commitment to caring for their own. Set amid Cape Cod’s natural beauty and vibrant summer season, this captivating sequel to The HomePort Journals unfolds against the backdrop of a small town struggling to balance its newfound celebrity with a cherished way of life.

Information for Booksellers

Print ISBN 978-1-7340533-9-5

Illustrations by Madeline Sorel

Cover By James Iacobelli

Price:  $17.99 (USD)

Distributed by Ingram

Page Count: 368 

Trim Size: 5.500″ x 8.500″ (216mm x 140mm)

Interior Color and Paper: Black & White: Creme

Binding Paperback: Perfect Bound

Cover Finish: Matte

Praise for The Distance Between Us

“Rollicking Crime Thriller”

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“Burch fans will revel in his extensive knowledge of Provincetown and the well-developed, rainbow cast of characters who carry the story forward with feisty humor and many unexpected plot twists. Though marketed as an LGBTQ novel, the tale’s pathos and heartfelt communal spirit will endear Helena, Butch (Helena’s spouse), and Helena’s many friends and associates to mainstream readers as well.”

“In many ways, the tale is a timely tribute to the resilient, connecting spirit of drag performance and a push against the current political storm of misunderstanding and hatred.”

-Kate Robinson, US Review of Books – Recommended Review

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“A delightful novel of mystery and community in a beautifully evoked Provincetown.”

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“Burch blends the pulse of P-Town today—its washashores, its legendary showgirls, its summer people, its onion layers of secrets—with fascinating considerations of its history and highlight-worthy toasts to its beauty. “

 “The mystery charms and surprises, but the novel’s deeper joy is its enticing depiction of a town and its people proudly out of the mainstream—the prose, plot, and dialogue gush and bubble like champagne uncorked. Readers who start with this entry will feel invited right in, though the first novel in the series, HomePort Journals, is also recommended.”

-BookLife by Publisher’s Weekly – Editor’s Pick

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“In this sequel, Burch summons Provincetown’s eclectic, art-and-barnacles ethos with an eye for detail and plenty of campy humor. Helena finds herself at the center of a murder case as strange as the Cape has ever seen, one involving stolen art, secret lovers, and some grade-A impersonating.”

-Kirkus Review

“Through immense pressure, moments of loss, and questions about identity and belonging, Helena is a brilliant protagonist that is always changing and growing, and importantly, always thinking ahead. In The Distance Between Us, Burch has crafted an intricate yet heartfelt page-turner that leaves readers engaged to the last.”

-Genevieve Hartman – Independent Book Review

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“Whether she’s mired in personal, political, or social conundrums, there’s one thing Helena profiles and represents—the powerful heartbeat of a community at odds with growing fame and its impact on individual ways of life.”

–Diane Donovan, Sr. Reviewer, MidWest Book Review

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