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A. C. Burch

US Review of Books – Recommended Review

” This rollicking crime thriller, a sequel to Burch’s award-winning debut novel, The Homeport Journals, is also set in Provincetown, on the tip of Cape Cod. . . Though marketed as an LGBTQ novel, the tale’s pathos and heartfelt communal spirit will endear Helena, Butch (Helena’s spouse), and Helena’s many friends and associates to mainstream readers as well. . .”

“Readers will root for Helena and her crime-busting cadre of friends as they grapple with the sinister crimewave that envelops their bucolic town and deal with the influx of “washashores” whose hearts aren’t quite big enough to fully appreciate the Provincetown community. In many ways, the tale is a timely tribute to the resilient, connecting spirit of drag performance and a push against the current political storm of misunderstanding and hatred.”

-Kate Robinson
US Review of Books

“Helena finds herself at the center of a murder case as strange as the Cape has ever seen, one involving stolen art, secret lovers, and some grade-A impersonating. . . Burch summons Provincetown’s eclectic, art-and-barnacles ethos with an eye for detail and plenty of campy humor. . . the plot becomes secondary to the peculiar spell Burch weaves with Helena and her milieu.”

-Kirkus Reviews

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