The Lethal Legacy

Volume 7 in Jeannette de Beauvoir’s Provincetown Mystery Series

Despite a slew of weddings to coordinate, Sydney Riley refuses to miss the Women’s Community Dinner—the high point of Women’s Week. During the festivities, she meets vocalist Jordan Bellefort, a direct descendant of a fugitive slave whose diaries suggest the Race Point Inn was a stop on the Underground Railroad. Then Jordan’s wife, Reggie, is murdered while Jordan performs onstage before a crowd of adoring fans. When Sydney probes Reggie’s death, she uncovers a tainted legacy that may provide a motive for the killing and place her own life at risk.

The Lethal Legacy explores the past’s influence on the present in a world-famous seaside resort with a rich history of diversity and acceptance. This seventh book in the Provincetown Mystery Series maintains the masterful blend of gripping suspense and unique characters Sydney Riley readers have come to expect.

Bestselling author Jeannette de Beauvoir writes mystery and historical fiction that has won literary awards and is translated into 12 languages. Like Sydney Riley, Jeannette lives and works in Provincetown, Massachusetts, a former fishing-village poised on the tip of Cape Cod; both Sydney and Jeannette came here to leave their pasts and create new futures. They differ in that Sydney solves mysteries; Jeannette merely makes them up.

When not making mischief with Sydney (during Bear Week, Fantasia Fair, the Portuguese Festival, Carnival, Holly Folly, the Provincetown Film Festival, Women’s Week, and coming next, a mystery on the high seas, ) Jeannette writes other mysteries and historical fiction. She’s also a local theatre critic and presents an arts-related spoken-word show on WOMR radio, a Pacifica Network affiliate.

The Lethal Legacy is available in mass-market paperback and ebook formats, both online and from local independent booksellers.

Praise for The Deadliest Blessing

“Jeannette de Beauvoir perfectly captures the colorful strangeness and joy of life at Land’s End in her gripping new mystery The Deadliest Blessing. In this, the third installment in her P’town Theme Week series, wedding planner and sleuth Sydney Riley learns that the passions and guilt of long-ago threaten the present.”

“Wedding planner Sydney Riley is smart, funny, slightly quirky, and destined to find dead bodies in the strangest places. In The Deadliest Blessingshe faces witches, magic, and murder that keep her—and the reader—guessing. Toss in the unique Provincetown culture, a fundamentalist Muslim police commissioner, and a sympathetic ICE boyfriend, and you’ve got a page-turner to the end!”

Jeannette de Beauvoir