Lethal Alliances

Lethal Alliances explores the true-life events that became Game of Thrones


Provincetown, MA, June 9, 2019: Homeport Press is pleased to announce the publication of Lethal Alliances by Jeannette de Beauvoir. The novel, set in the years 1300 to 1315, combines adventure, politics, and romance in a gripping story of the same times and events that inspired author George R. R. Martin’s epic work.

Set during the turbulent reign of King Philippe le Bel, the passions and politics of medieval France are shared in a tale rich with adventure, turmoil, and heartbreak. When three girls betrothed to Philippe’s sons arrive at the French court, they are swept up by palace intrigue and deadly betrayals. In the first short years of the century, Phillipe will orchestrate the murder of a pope, drive the Jews from France, ensure the destruction of the Knights Templar, and thwart the love affair of his daughter, Isabelle—who, as queen of England, will help trigger the Hundred Years’ War.

A master of suspense, de Beauvoir is renowned for creating authentic, compelling characters. Her nuanced, knowledgeable, and passionate portrayal of real-life individuals not only brings their stories to life but also reveals the machinations of a troubled time all too reminiscent of our own.

HomePort Press publisher Arthur Mahoney, says “De Beauvoir’s deft touch and descriptive detail brings distant events to life so vividly they resonate in our troubled times. Whether describing power, politics, or passion, she proves how little life has changed in eight centuries.”

“Lethal Alliances crafts an engaging account that is as much about French politics of the times as it is about romance and intrigue. Winding these into the historical facts surrounding the political forces that clash with one another creates a moving, absorbing account which is educational, riveting, and hard to put down.” (Midwest Book Review)


Lethal Alliances will especially appeal to readers of Ken Follett and Hilary Mantel. The book is available in trade paperback and ebook formats, both online and from local independent booksellers.

About Jeannette de Beauvoir: Jeannette de Beauvoir is an award-winning novelist whose work has been translated into 12 languages. She’s the author of mystery novels and historical/literary fiction. More at jeannettedebeauvoir.com


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