Provincetown is an ideal place for writers, artists, and photographers.

Here are some local writers who have chronicled important facets of our community.

R. D. Skillings

“For forty-five years this town has been Skilling’s muse, his mooring, the setting and subject of much of his fiction. He is a character for whom place is character and vice versa.” – Jhumpa Lahiri     

R.D.’s works include: Alternative Lives, stories, Ithaca House, 1974; P-town Stories (or The Meat-rack) 1980; Apple-wood Books, stories; In a Murderous Time, 1984, stories, Apple-wood Books; Where the Time Goes, stories, University Press of New England, 1999; How Many Die, novel, University Press of New England; Obsidian, novella, Arts End Books, 2001; Memory for Marisa Rose, Arts End Books, poems 2003; Summer’s End, Provincetown Arts Press, stories 2016.

J.J. Dutra is the author of Nautical Twilight and The Fishermen’s Ball. She has been a guest speaker at numerous venues including the Cape Cod Natural History Museum, Truro Public Library, the Provincetown Schooner Regatta Opening Event, COA luncheons,
book clubs and private parties.

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Mary Heaton Vorse (1874-1966) was an influential labor journals, activist and writer. Her final book, Time and the Town, is a “must read” for those who love Provincetown.

And there are so many more…