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Jeannette de Beauvoir

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Jeannette de Beauvoir is an award-winning novelist whose work has appeared in 15 countries and has been translated into 12 languages. She’s the author of mystery novels and historical/literary fiction.

Jeannette grew up in Angers, a city in France with a castle once owned and significantly rebuilt by Saint Louis, grandfather of Marguerite de Bourgogne, a character in Lethal Alliances. The city and the castle are the catalysts for her undergraduate and graduate work in medieval studies. Lethal Alliances is a marriage of sorts—between her past academic work and her present work as a writer of fiction, mostly mystery novels with historic antecedents.

Her current bestselling mystery series featuring wedding planner Sydney Riley takes place during the various theme weeks in Provincetown, Massachusetts, the same town—coincidentally enough—where Jeannette herself resides. 2019 will see the publication of A Killer Carnival and The Christmas Corpses, with more planned for the series over the next few years.

Jeannette is a member of the Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, the Author’s Guild and the National Writers Union.

In Bookstores June 1, 2019

Published by HomePort Press


Set during the reign of King Phillipe le Bel, this panoramic novel by bestselling author Jeannette de Beauvoir shares the passions and politics of medieval France in a tale rich with adventure, turmoil, and heartbreak.

When three girls betrothed to Phillipe’s sons arrive at the French Court, they are soon swept up by palace intrigue and deadly betrayals. In the short period from 1301 to 1315, Phillipe will orchestrate the murder of a pope, drive the Jews from France, ensure the destruction of the Knights Templar, and thwart the love affair of his daughter, Isabelle–who, as Queen of England, will sow the seeds of the Hundred Years’ War.

A master of suspense, de Beauvoir is renowned for creating authentic, compelling characters. Her nuanced, knowledgeable, and heartfelt portrayal of these real-life individuals not only brings their stories to life but also reveals the machinations of a troubled time all-too-reminiscent of our own.

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A Killer Carnival (2019)

The Christmas Corpses (2019)

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